Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Fine Morning

Now that the bad garden's winding down for the autumn, I've been letting the poultry have the run of the entire yard during the day. Today when I went out the back door mid-morning, the chickens and ducks came running. I felt like the Pope.

Hello, my flock!

Pretty soon I had a swirling cloud of animals following me, ducks, Wyandottes, Lakenvelders, cats, all in their species-specific valence. I sat down to watch and enjoy the morning. The ducks and chickens looked for pill-bugs and strawberries.

Benny, Marilyn, and Pearl hunting for bugs. Check out those pumpkins!

Meanwhile, the new cat on the block, Extra Red, had come into the yard trying to make a place. Vivani took her turn dissuading him of this notion. (He's called Extra Red because everyone on the block has a ginger cat. Really. There's one per house. So he's the extra red.)


Esther said...

That cat is HUGE by Nigerien standards! :-D

Bones said...

LOL...Vivani just looks huge, although she's a good-sized cat by Oaxacan standards. She doesn't realize that here she's a very small cat, though a very fluffy cat, to be sure.

You should see Big Red. That f****r is enormous.