Thursday, June 12, 2008


We all have word quirks. Well, I hope we do and I'm not alone in this.

Personally, puppy is about the happiest word you can say in English. Nothing negative, sounds good, rhymes well. Puh. Pee. Easy to spell.

Not like dais at all.

Another word I've never gotten along with is panties. Why the diminutive, is it because they're little pants? Why don't we call men's underwear panties then? But try calling them that and see how far you get.

Underwear's okay, but underpants or drawers are more fun to say. But those aren't new words...let's add -ito, the Spanish dimunitive, to underpants and come up with pantitos (for men) and pantitas (for the ladies). Que buena! A horrible Spanglish Frankenstein of a word.

I like it.

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