Saturday, May 10, 2008


Crazy! I was off yesterday, I was off today, and since tomorrow's Sunday that'll make a sweet, sweet three-in-a-row days off. And the weather's been nice!

Then, while I was out grubbing in the bad garden we got a delivery:

The card read,
Suzanne HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow!) I know, I know, but your birthday is on a freakin' Sunday! Anyway—have fun. Thanks for renting out your husband to us!!! Fabian & the Tentacles team
Guys, that is so awesomely sweet. I love getting flowers. Thank you! Especially since, this being Tentacles Fumble, my husband is not gaming at Castle Stahleck but typing away right here at the New Vitality Homeland.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow we're having a potluck here at the house and building a chicken coop. Let the eggs begin!

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