Saturday, March 29, 2008

Going to Egypt pt VI

That's Don and Greg having passed through the courtyard and now entering the temple at Dendara. It's mid-afternoon and well into the 80s, so any shade is appreciated. We cannot convince Don to wear a hat.

A lovely image of Hathor, down in the storeroom/crypt/hole at Dendara. All of the gods images were lovely, and I wish the Khnum and Sekhmet had turned out, but I'm a lousy photographer.

Still down in the hole, which was full of celestial imagery, including this...what? Those are Hathor heads on the hemisphere, the two on the right in a celestial boat along with the sun disk.

Lots of Horus imagery, including this one with a, key? Wish I read hieroglyphics like Don does.

Oh, no! Someone left their donkey cart in a street-sweeping zone. Hope they don't get a ticket.

The main temple area is to the right, and the Nileometer is to the left. And that's David, our Luxor-born guide, wearing a sweater on this cool March day.

I like this artwork (and that's original pigment, folks). Usually it's just a plain winged solar disk decorating the arches, but this one depicts the scarab beetle, winged, clutching the sun in its legs.

The zodiac room at Dendara. Unlike most of the temple buildings, this room is on a human scale. Which made photographing the intricate ceiling difficult. So all you get is this shot of one of the skylights and a bit of the blue-and-yellow-painted ceiling.

Behind the main temple. Just a nice shot showing the dominant color of Egypt away from the Nile.

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