Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Think I'm Old

And not because I was bitching at some kid to stay offa my lawn, either. No, I think I'm old because of the clutter in my head. Someone at work was singing "Everything Is Beautiful" and I made a crack about the old-timers starting in. Then I remembered Mac Davis singing it, then watching "The Mac Davis Show" on tv. So I shut up.

Later in the week someone asked one of the younger carriers if they knew what an "e-ticket" was. She answered, it's when you get a ticket through your email. No fond memories for her of hoarding and trading Disnleyland ride tickets. We used to keep ours in shoe boxes.

And Skylab? Not a clue.


roxmarie said...

hey there bones... try patty hearst on them. always a fun story to tell.

Bones said...

You mean the actress in "Crybaby"? Yeah!