Thursday, June 28, 2007

Four thousand words

Happy, happy Thursday!

My stepson, mi nuera, and my grandson recently moved from one of San Francisco's fog belts to El Cerrito. They can't get over taking Elliott out to play in the afternoons in only a t-shirt.

We're all having a good morning; Gina Felina got the fleece...

...Vivani Catpants got the box...

...Elwood got a four-foot trophy for being the world's ugliest dog this year.

Happy, happy Thursday!


monkey 0 said...

#3 owns.

it has that look of classic feline ambiguity... surrender or attack? which is it?

Bones said...

Oh, that's definitely an 'I love you' face. I know, I know, very difficult to tell from the 'I love to kill things' face, but it's there.