Saturday, August 26, 2006

Say What

"Hey, Yvonne, is Rick there?" Yvonne pushed the phone into her left boob and yelled, "Rick, pick up!"

"This is Rick. Oh hey, Nick. What's up?"

"Did the Vikings have a concept of the Ultimate?"

"Yeah, but most cultures do."

"I was talking to this guy, and said the same thing, but then he challenged me on it and I couldn't think of any sources. Can you?"


"I don't think I have a copy—"

"You? You're kidding."

"—but I think Maria does."

"Ha! You had me worried there."



"We still on for Thursday?"

"Nine-thirty, nine o'clock if you want to make an Acme run. Bring Arkham Horror."

"Will do. Say hi to Maria for me."

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