Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Suzanne or Bones?

I know some people don't like their name, but I have always loved mine. So French. So, for east LA, unusual. Even when I could never find a miniature license plate or key-chain fob or shotglass with my name on it whenever I was at Disneyland, I always liked being a Suzanne.

But now, here in this little corner of Blogland devoted to scratch fiction, enough Suzannes have congregated that people are confused as to who's posting what. Isn't that weird? Like finding three or four Maudes working as tellers at your local branch. Or three or four coworkers all into killifish.

So I'm going back to using my nickname, which I also love, and which came about because there were two too many Suzannes at a place I used to work.—Bones


Daniel Heath said...

I would tell you to stand up and fight for your nome-de-not-plume, but your nickname is a classic, so I won't protest.

Bones said...

I know! It's a good one.

I regret not using it right away at the bakery, because everyone is mangling Suzanne. I don't know; maybe, on some basic level, certain segments of American society resents all things French. Hmm.