Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The heart of Texas. HOT. We escape the tv by driving to Groesbeck to see Fort Parker. That took us through the lunch hour, and when we were back in the car a dependable voice piped up: ribs. But like the much-needed rain that always falls a few towns over, bbq in Limestone County is never in the town you're in. But the word was Buck was back from Iraq and had reopened his pizzaria and that got three yes votes and we were off to the little strip mall next to Wal*Mart, the one with the Radio Shack and Curves and the video rental store. And Bucks Pizza. But being overseas a year and a half took its toll on Mexia fine dining, and the storefront was empty, the sign gone. So we drove down Main Street to Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken, the one with catfish and gizzards and today ma'am I'm sorry we're out of chicken legs and catfish, it'll be a ten-minute wait, so we got chicken wings instead and went home to make ice tea.


Daniel Heath said...

damn, I would've gone for Buck's post-Iraq pizza, too.

too bad it was closed... I want to know what it was like.

Bones said...

Well, for Mexia I'd definitely give it an A, but here in the center of the universe it'd probably only get a C, C+. Maybe the one in Groesbeck is still open. Probably not.

We eventually did go get barbeque, and they even had pork ribs--go figure--but they also had msg in the sauce.

I'm dying to try Glo's Tea Cakes in the run-down trailer out on Hwy 84 but nobody's brave enough to go with me.