Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dribs and Drabs #2

Deke thought he was running for a plane, but the man he was following was closing in on a van. What have we here? The man threw open the back doors and told Deke to climb in and find a seat. Deke stepped in to the back of the cargo van; the man closed the doors and got in the driver seat. He lurched the van into gear while Deke, hunched over, scrambled around the back, barely avoiding falling over before landing his ass on a wheel well.

They drove across the airport in silence for several minutes, then the van stopped and the man once again threw open the rear doors. "Hurry or you're going to miss it!" Deke peered out toward a small commuter jet. The airline man gave him a hand out. He tossed a "thanks" over his shoulder and ran to the plane. As he took a seat a crewmember shut the door and they began to taxi down the runway.

This next part wasn't going to be easy.

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