Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Princess and the Minotaur ...continued

She handed the Coke bottle back across, and Lee held it pinched between the first two fingers of his left hand. She was curled into the seat, arms resting on her knees. He reached highway speed and asked, "Design check!"

"It's a good one. The mystery shack slides down Confusion Hill." She put the pen in her shirt pocket, then focused on the passing scenery. "People don't write stories about working in an office or walking down a sidewalk. Those aren't the stories that endure—"

"Chekov did."

"Fuck you. Is that the kind of myth you envision for your life? The Ugly Dolls, the piercings, my stunningly impressive collection of tilt-pens, the mess I endure to keep my hair this lovely shade of shocking-pink. I want it all to say, Hey Asshole, this isn't the straight 'n' narrow here, so if you can't endure a few twists and turns, keep on walking."

"What the hell happened to you growing up that the straight and narrow–you know, normal life–is so ugly?" Lee flicked his fingers. "This Coke is about as apple pie as it gets but, my, it sure went down easy."

"Hah...and where were you when you bought it?" He thought about that as they passed Redwood Carvings For Christ and the turn-off for the Drive-Thru Tree.

"Lee-bee, I would pee all over myself if I could find a guy willing to walk in the labryinth for me." She took her feet off the dashboard and folded them under her. "Where are they?"


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Daniel Heath said...

redwood carvings for Christ! redwood carvings for Christ!

Daniel Heath said...

(I'm very easy to please, really.)

Bones said...

What I find so absolutely fantastic about life is, I don't have to make up shit like Redwood Carvings For Christ. And it's pretty close to Hobbiton, USA, if you want to maximize your roadside attraction fun.

(Oh, and sorry about the pain-in-the-butt word verification, but the "open old wounds...cancellation of Joan of Arcadia" pushed me past the point of sympathy.)

Daniel Heath said...

the pain-in-the-butt word verification has been turned on back at my place as well.

although the open-old-wounds segue is kind of brilliant, in its own way.