Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Princess and the Minotaur

"I used to think your standards were too high. Now..."

"What have you got against Bigfoot"

"That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, you keep setting up obstacles to getting what you want. It's not just Bigfoot, it's everything you do. The hair, the clothes, the lunchboxes for Christ's sake. You're 31. What are you doing?"

"How long have we been friends? And pull over there, yeah, on the left. No one's coming, so go ahead and cross it."

"It's double yellow. About twelve years, or is it 15? Yeah, it's been 15 years, 'cause we started hanging out after I ditched Julie. Make it fast, alright? And get me a coke!"

She took her hand off the door and half-turned in the seat. "It's a labyrinth. Think about it." She swung the door open, stepped out, and bent down, one hand resting on the half-rolled-down window. Her left hand pinched her skirt close to her knees against the wind. "There's change on the floor; get one out of the machine." She pushed the door shut and dodged the cars in the parking lot as she half ran to the gift shop.

Lee flicked aside the cds and empty Thirsty Thirty-Two cups looking for change. Seventy cents later he got out and made his way to the soda machine. He leaned against the machine, holding the icy bottle in his hand and squinted at the constant trickle of road-trippers crossing the lot. Is it really a get-away if you never get away from pavement. He wondered. And what is a labyrinth? Does she mean the lunchboxes? Why can't she be serious for a change? Guys don't like it when you're weird all the time. A little, that's fun, but man, when it won't shut off it's embarrassing.

"That was quick. Did you get it? Have some coke, it's still cold. Mmm."

[To be continued...]

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